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***** Black Bear Japanese Fusion is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 69 reviews!

  • *****

    It was relatively busy during the time we went here but luckily we got a seat right away. I ordered the okonomiyaki burger because I like okonomiyaki in general and so I wanted to try it. My company got the soft shell crab burger and he enjoyed it a lot as it was his first time having soft shell crab (me too). As for my burger, it was delicious. Service was alrightly, not much to say there. The check in deal was worth it, I had this place in my bookmarks and am happy to try it while in the area.

  • *****

    Very very delicious food. Didn't think I would like the menu items but I was impressed well beyond my expectations. I'm definitely looking forward to returning and bringing others. My only complaint would be our main courses arrived about 30sec after our appetizer and drinks came so we didn't have enough room on the table for everything and by the time I got to my main course it was cold. It was still delicious but I can only imagine it being a bit better warm if it was eaten warm. Great food, prices, portions and service though. There is lots of parking and I would also recommend making reservations as I saw some customers being turned away since the restaurant was busy and had many reserved tables.

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    Very interesting fusion cuisine. Food was delicious. I ordered the hotpot and was pretty impressed by the soup base. Definitely worth exploring for food lovers

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    nice menu with lots of selection. the noodle in the hot pot looks good and big (we didn't order but just seen others have it) we ordered a pasta and risotto, but the portion a bit small. the cheezy bread bowl with chicken is yummy, although some might say it's a bit salty

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    Great place when you are tired of the same ol' same ol'. Great original food options at a reasonable price. I had the soft shell crab burger with avocado with sweet potato fries. Both were delicious. Highly recommended.

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    I came around 7pm on a Friday night and it was pretty packed. We waited maybe 5-10 minutes for a table.

    I got the chicken katsu curry omurice. The portion was really generous. I had to pack half of it home. The curry was as expected, japanese curry and a good portion of sauce. The chicken katsu was crispy. The egg however, was a bit overcooked. I wouldn't say its a traditional omurice, but it was still enjoyable.

    My friend got the Kimchi Supreme Beef Pepper Teppanyaki. I tried it and it was mediocre. The flavour profile was a bit off.

    Service was mediocre in general. However, I did notice when the manager came to serve us, his level of service was much better.

  • *****

    My wife and I came here for dinner after she found this place on and purchased a Groupon. We had made reservations after 8:30 pm on a Saturday night, and although is was busy, it wasn't a full restaurant at that time. The service was great, very friendly staff and helpful. The restaurant itself is smaller but I didn't notice any real space issues; it was easy to move around and navigate between tables easily enough.

    We both got burgers, which we asked to cut in half so we could share. We ordered their Okonomiyaki Angus Beef burger with sweet potato fries and their Avocado Soft Shell Crab burger with their Kim Chi fries. The food tasted awesome, especially the Kim Chi fries and the Okonomiyaki burger (very smoky and the cabbage soaks in the flavor of the meat)! Portion sizes were decent and our food came out relatively quickly from the time we ordered. We opted for a dessert instead of an appetizer, and both had different ice cream sandwiches (which were basically 2 white chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with whichever ice cream is part of the sandwich you select). This was satisfying but I'll probably try something different for dessert next time, as they have a great selection.

    Overall, we will probably come back here again with friends next time. As long as you stick with burgers, you can't really go wrong, but I'm sure their other food is quite tasty. I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

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    The burger I ordered had too much cheese, but otherwise a great place. The staff was friendly and the washroom was clean. Waited 15 minutes.

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    This place is always packed if you come around 7pm so come earlier if you can to avoid the wait times. Really neat joint with great dishes. Seafood is always fresh!

  • *****

    The boys love this place especially for the mushroom spaghetti! Service is great but it gets busy quick. Make a reservation :)

  • *****

    Interesting twists! I love their sweet potato milkshake and avocado milkshake. It's definitely a must try.

  • *****

    The unagi rice perfectly matched with eggs, the sauce was tasty. The pasta was amazing as well! The soft shell crab was crispy and the cream sauce was so rich, I would come back for sure to try another menu items!

  • *****

    I went there and used a Groupon voucher with my friends. Their service was really good. I liked their beer.

  • *****

    Delicious food and great service from the manager! Being a vegetarian, I decided to try their spicy veggie chicken burger, which tasted better than I imagined. The kimchi fries I had were lovely and filling.

    Highlighting the service: Halfway through eating the burger, I noticed a piece of paper sticking out between the two veggie patties like the ones you might find at the grocery store in the meat section to separate the burger patties. I shared this concern with the manager, who apologized for the mistake and promised to have a new burger made right away and in return a free dessert as compensation. I was really impressed by their delivery to make up for their mistake and willingness to make my experience better. The dessert I got was a matcha green tea and red bean panna cotta, which was great!

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    This place was really. My partner and I went here for our anniversary, the service was great and all very attentive - never once did we have to ask for water as they were in top of that and so much more. The food was good, not exactly my cup of tea but the flavor was there and it looked and fasted alright !

    I personally probably would not go back but u know my partner liked it and it was very busy so must be good.

  • *****

    Interesting menu where western dishes add a Japanese twist to it.

    Food tastes good and service is acceptable , price is reasonable

    Will go back and try some other dishes

  • *****

    The place wasn't big but the food was good. It was a great experience and definitely I will go there again.

  • *****

    I enjoyed this restaurant. When I'm in unionville I usually goto a nearby restaurant in the same plaza.

    I came here about 3 times and I really enjoyed every single visit.

    My favourite the whole unagi rice. The curry chicken was excellent as well. Great place overall. I would recommend it!

  • *****

    Totally loved our experience here-food was so good.Excellent homemade curry sauce on wonderfully crispy on the outside soft on the inside fries-yummy.
    Also excellent balanced flavors on their miso salad dressing. Can't wait to try more items on their menu!

  • *****

    I don't know why this place isn't rated higher
    I also don't understand where all the hate is coming from
    Service was good
    Food is well made, good presentation
    The prices are also reasonable relative to restaurants all around

    I got these:
    Soft shell crab spaghetti - savoury whole crab lightly fried
    Okonomiyaki seafood rice - delicious topping
    Chicken curry katsu omurice - omelette was super fluffy, katsu not dry, curry is rich

    Again, I find this place way too underrated
    If they were indeed not that good before, it seems like they've made major improvements

  • *****

    I like this place because of the casual atmosphere and the diverse menu options. Where else can you order an Angus burger, spicy beef udon, and spaghetti carbonara? I have enjoyed the food every time I have dined here.

  • *****

    This place has really unique food options in their menu. I've only been here twice and both times I've had good experiences. The servers are all very nice and attentive, and whenever my glass was empty, they would come and refill it. I ordered the lunch special curry pork katsu with rice and shared the kimchi fries with my friends. The flavours were good. If you check-in on Yelp, you actually get a free dessert as well. The lunch specials are pretty good for the prices. Each dish comes with a drink as well, so I ordered a hot milk tea. Overall, I would come back and try other dishes.

  • *****

    Pay a bit more, and get better food.

    We have been there a few times already and haven't been disappointed yet. Price is a bit above average than the other Asian eateries but definitely worth it. The only issue is that they don't have enough space between tables. Very hard for the servers to navigate through the tables. I like this Curry Chicken rice with Omelette as in the photo.

  • *****

    Came here with a group for dinner and I thought the service was great. They were attentive and quick. I had the soft shell crab burger with a side of the curry fries. Flavour was solid, and I'd come back! Also had the purple sweet potato shake because I'm a fatass. Everyone at dinner enjoyed their meal!

  • *****

    Service was good, we were seated right away and servers were very attentive. We ordered 2 items off their lunch menu - gyudon and okonomiyaki hotdog with a side of salad.

    The okonomiyaki hotdog was good and flavourful but I wished the sauce for the gyudon was stronger and saltier as it was slightly bland.

    Both orders came with a complimentary drink such as pop, tea, milk tea or juice.

  • *****

    Located on Highway 7 and Kennedy Road. Beautiful decor and seating arrangement perfect for lunch and dinner for couple and family of any size. There are variety of selection to pick from for any type of eaters. Lunch menu is available which is a plus in my book. There are selection for rice, hamburger, spaghetti and many others for different choosers. I personally enjoy the soft shell crab hamburger as it tastes juicy and did not break apart! You can either get rice or a salad or extra for sweet potato fries. The spaghetti and rice dish is also very delicious and portion is perfect for myself and my guest. Overall, great experience and helpful staff. If you check in on the app, a free dessert is provided and is very good.

  • *****

    Came back here to experience their burgers. Had a fantastic experience here with service and the food this time.

    I got the soft shell crab burger. My partner got the shrimp and mango salsa burger.

    Both burgers are quite large with the brioche bun. My soft shell crab burger was tasty, creamy due to the delicious crab roe and the avocado (both have a tendency to fall out of the burger). The crab definitely doesn't quite fit in the burger it shifts, I've seen it hang out of the burger on previous visits. It's complimented well by the spicy tartar sauce. The sweet potato fries are crispy and got that great sweet flavour. Definitely does not need the mayo, although my partner would disagree.

    Partner Corner: At times the sauce over powers the delicate crab taste, but still good.

    My partner is not a huge fan of shrimp. She got this burger of her own accord. The burger is a solid shrimp patty, in the way a fish cake might be made. But battered and fried to have this golden brown exterior with a red and white shrimpy interior. Is got the sweetness of shrimp while also a citrus like hint to compliment the seafood.

    Also because of yelp we got their matcha red bean panna cotta (just by checking in). It's has enough of the earthy bitterness of matcha, while having the sweetness of a traditional dessert. It's smooth on the palate and I'm glad I got to try it because I'm not sure I'd pay restaurant prices for it.

  • *****

    Very unique Japanese fusion food. The rice burgers are very good, juicy, with a crunch on the rice buns, flavourful, yet a little messy. The squid ink pasta was a little too blend, not the way it is supposed to be, if you have tried Dal Moro's or the ones in Italy. Good attempt though. The drink items are uniqueif you like alcohol and tea, that combination is pretty good. The Purple Yam Smoothie is interesting, like drinking a full blended purple yam, very filling though. The matcha pudding was amazing, very jiggly, light, smooth, nice kick of matcha. Can't really describe the flavour, nothing like it, kind of like almond tofu, but not exactly.

  • *****

    - Menu has variety;
    - Quick service;
    - Tasty food (Thursday special).

    - Dejecting design;
    - Pricey.

    Overall: An astute service paired with good food never serves trouble. It's not a "get what you pay for" place, but it's definitely a good experience to stop by once.

  • *****

    Although pricey, the food taste pretty good. Although the place's name suggests Japanese food, the shop actually sells fusion food.

    Although it's not innovating with anything revolutionary, it's bringing a lot more of the exotic specimens such as kimchi fries and BBQ sauce reduction pasta linguine to a more local area.

    I can't help but feel that the store is a little out of place, since the quality of food it's serving is much higher than what the store's exterior suggests; and as such does not attract many patrons. I however prefer this as the opportunity to experience good food in a quiet environment is lacking in Markham

  • *****

    Came multiple times with one other person and a group of 6. Both times the service was really good. The servers were very friendly and fast. Food was good, there are some cool combinations of food to try. Definitely would recommend to anyone in the area.

  • *****

    The baked oysters and desserts are tasty. Overall is good. But the eggplants and corn appetizer is just so so. The cauliflower appetizer is so so too....should cut the cauliflower in smaller size.

  • *****

    Excited to try this place! We get a free Panna cotta for dessert!!! Can't wait!!! Will write a longer review afterwards!!!

  • *****

    tried coming here a few times but they're always closed lol. they close tuesday's and between 3-6pm on other weekdays i believe.

    finally was able to come on a friday night around 9pm and it was pretty packed. however there were still a couple tables open. i ordered the mentaiko soft crab shell spaghetti and my bf ordered the banana milkshake and our other friend got this lychee garden drink. they all said their drinks are 4/5, the lychee is first sour then sweet then the spicy soda flavour lol it has soda in it and banana milkshake has real banana

    the spaghetti it also 4/5 pretty good portion tastes good but expensive

    overall yummy but expensive also got a free matcha red bean panna cotta

  • *****

    Great food. Came on a Groupon and was not disappointed to try it out. Delicious food for a fair price. Would recommend. Checked in here for a small green tea dessert

  • *****

    Been meaning to try this place, after hearing overall good things about it. Grabbed a quick meal before heading to the theater.


    The Kimchi Fries were a bit disappointing. The fries itself were crispy as I like them, but the toppings were lacking. Other than there just not being enough toppings to go with all of the fries underneath, it was surprisingly tasteless given the presence of mayo, kimchi, green onion, and mayo.

    However, the Soft Shell Cream pasta more than made up for the disappointing fries. I was actually surprised by the hearty portion of soft-shell crab that came with the pasta. Whereas many other restaurants tend to over-batter and over-fry, the crab was battered just right. The cream sauce was not too heavy, or too bland, and the mushrooms and bacon gave it that extra hint of needed flavour.

    The appetizers seemed a bit pricey to me, but most of the entrees were fairly priced. There were several drink and dessert options that I did not get a chance to sample.


    As mentioned, we were in a bit of a time crunch to get to the theater, and there was not too much of a wait. I was surprised, since the restaurant was quite packed for a Saturday evening. Our server was friendly, and did not seem to mind fulfilling some of our table's more unusual requests (e.g. extra ice cubes in a bag). Uh, somebody at our table needed to ice their injured shoulder, and didn't want to wait until later.


    It was busy, and a bit cramped, but no different than most restaurants of this time. A bit of a trendy vibe here, but nothing too over the top.


    I'll be back to try some of the other fusion burgers and drinks.

  • *****

    came here two times and both times I had a great experience. in my recent visit I got the omurice egg and curry pork rice and it was absolutely amazing !!! it is a special type of Japanese egg where when cut in the middle it explodes with creamy egg goodness
    so yummy and the pork was very juicy and crisp so I would give that 5/5 !!! it comes in a big portion as well
    I also got the spicy sukiyaki beef kimchi udon and it was a smaller portion but had a good spice and flavours. I want a huge fan of it but my sister loved it so I would give a 3.5/5
    my dad got the rice burger and he said he liked it and it was a unique twist on the usual burger 4/5
    On other occasions I tried the lobster pasta and it was very delicious but very expensive for the amount you get. it was about $26 with a portion that could be finished in 5 bites so that's a 3.5/5 as well
    I also tried the lychee yogurt drink and it was alright not especially good 3/5 tasted like lychee mixed with yakuit
    overall a great place to try and I liked everything I tried so far ! Expect to spend around $15-$25 per person

  • *****

    We went to Black Bear restaurant at around 12:20pm. The place was fairly empty on a Saturday. I was a little surprised. The wait staff greeted us, and asked if we had a RSVP. We didn't have an RSVP, but we got to our seats quickly.
    I ordered the L07- Teriyaki Pan-Fried Chicken Fillet and Sauted Mushroom burger. With fries and ice coffee. This was from the the lunch special menu (available from 12pm-3pm). I attempted to say the full entire order name, lmao. The drinks come with the option of a soft drink, coffee or tea. I chose ice coffee. To my surprise the ice coffee wasn't an extra $1.00 add on, as some restaurants do that. No complaints from me!

    The fries were very crispy, I liked them a lot.
    The chicken was good. The mushrooms definitely added flavour to it. I'd give it a 4/5 burgers.

    The ice coffee was fun. I added a lot of sugar syrup and milk to it. The staff asked if we needed more sugar and milk, we said yes lol. Because I used up a lot of sugar and milk. My sibling had an iced green matcha. Which was an $1.00 extra because she didn't order from the lunch menu.

    When eating there, the staff tends to face toward the entrance. I guess if you need something, they'll quickly come over.

    Overall it was a good experience.

  • *****

    Great food and reasonable price, the soft shell crab is amazing highly recommended.

    Service is good, very attentive however we were the only one in the restaurant at the time. It does open pretty late for lunch 12pm, but worth the wait.

  • *****

    This is probably my favourite janpanese fusion, taste really good but the price is little pricey, there's no doubt you should try the soft shell crab spaghetti if you like soft shell crab and we got matcha red bean cotta for free from yelp, delicious!

  • *****

    We came here for a Sunday lunch get together with friends. Yes, the lunch menu is relatively limited, but have good choice. Selected menu items from the dinner menu CAN be ordered during lunch, but you will have to ask.
    The servers are very nice and attentive. They even apologize for not catching our water glasses are empty.
    The food are nicely cooked and really good balanced in taste. The presentation is visually appealing.
    I ordered the "fish sandwich" and it was juicy and taste amazing. My wife had the soft-shell crab burger, and it was good! The crab was not dry, the sauce was tasty but spicy (the manager told me that they could make it not spicy).
    The green tea panna cotta was perfectly done, and the matcha ice cream was very authentic.
    It is definitely a place to come back to four their dinner selection.

    UPDATE: well, we came back for another lunch. We tried the Soft-Shell Crab Burger, but this time we asked about the sauce and they gave us there option of using a Miso infused mayo. It was just a brilliant, and the salad that is paired with is nicely done with a perfect balance.
    I tried to order the Squid Ink Spaghetti, but when ordering pointed to the wrong item instead. So I ended up with the Sea Urchin & Crab Meat Spaghetti with cream Sauce. That was such a nice mistake. Yes, some may find the sauce to be on the heavier side, but it complimented the sea urchin perfectly. It was just brilliant!
    We finished our meal with the Matcha Ice Cream Parfait. Come on, you can't go wrong with this one.

    UPDATE: didn't realize the last visit was never posted.

    We came back and tried the Squid Ink Speghetti, it was okay, not the best of their dish. The Speghetti was good, but the Uni and fish eggs were overpowering but the Squid had no taste. The soft shell crab burger is perfect, as usual, and I love the side salad.
    Got the free Matcha and Red Bean penacotta (sp?) and it was good enough that I would order one otherwise.

  • *****

    Mostly has great food. Good service. The noodles are great BUT the rice burgers don't taste great. The rice burgers feel mediocre and taste like somethings missing/weird. OTHERWISE, the noodles are great. Especially the soft shell crab is great!!

  • *****

    I've driven by this place multiple times, but never stopped to try. I'm glad I finally did, because this place is AMAZING.

    I ordered the Avocado Soft Shell Burger (to go, starbucks drink was not included haha). I absolutely loved it!! They really don't hold back on the crab. Absolutely worth the price I paid.

    They have amazing service as well. The staff are super friendly and nice.

    I definitely look forward to going back, and trying the other burgers they offer!

  • *****

    The decor and interior of the restaurant are minimal with a splash of their own unique taste on two parts of the wall. It was quaint and cute.

    The service was very attentive and there is always a server wandering around like looking to refill your glass with hot or cold water.

    The food had some promise. I ordered the squid ink pasta with sea urchin and calamari. Suffice it to say this one simply lacked flavour. The squid was IMO under done it had a rubbery not quite cooked flavour. Luckily there weren't very many on my plate. The concept is there and had there been more salmon roe to get a little bit in each bite there would be that hit of salt you needed, but even then the dish lacked a balance of more creaminess from either a uni sauce or cream sauce and perhaps some acidity. Again my partner got a dish that had a more complete flavour. She got the crab and uni pasta with cream sauce. The pasta lacked a sauce from a traditional pasta dish you may be used to but the flavour was much more complex and complete (my partner informed me this style of pasta is meant to be this was). The creaminess was just enough to envelop every noodle and with it bits of crab flavour. The uni on top just kinda sits there as garnish, not sure it adds to the overall experience other than to make you feel like the dish is more rich than it is.

    As we sat at the table looking at other diners and what they got the impression was that the burgers are huge. The soft shell crab especially so, watching as one lady try to figure out what to do with it and how to eat it as she pushed it off to the side of her plate. The menu seems more intriguing and I think it's about finding the right items. Today it was a miss for me but there is a matcha fondue on the menu that I would be eager to try and the pasta with the crab and cream sauce was a saving grace. My own meal was not a total disaster but I would not order it again.

  • *****

    The sea urchin & Ikura cuttlefish and squid ink spaghetti was very yummy!

  • *****

    We came here for a Sunday lunch get together with friends. Yes, the lunch menu is relatively limited, but have good choice. Selected menu items from the dinner menu CAN be ordered during lunch, but you will have to ask.
    The servers are very nice and attentive. They even apologize for not catching our water glasses are empty.
    The food are nicely cooked and really good balanced in taste. The presentation is visually appealing.
    I ordered the "fish sandwich" and it was juicy and taste amazing. My wife had the soft-shell crab burger, and it was good! The crab was not dry, the sauce was tasty but spicy (the manager told me that they could make it not spicy).
    The green tea panna cotta was perfectly done, and the matcha ice cream was very authentic.
    It is definitely a place to come back to four their dinner selection.

    UPDATE: well, we came back for another lunch. We tried the Soft-Shell Crab Burger, but this time we asked about the sauce and they gave us there option of using a Miso infused mayo. It was just a brilliant, and the salad that is paired with is nicely done with a perfect balance.
    I tried to order the Squid Ink Spaghetti, but when ordering pointed to the wrong item instead. So I ended up with the Sea Urchin & Crab Meat Spaghetti with cream Sauce. That was such a nice mistake. Yes, some may find the sauce to be on the heavier side, but it complimented the sea urchin perfectly. It was just brilliant!
    We finished our meal with the Matcha Ice Cream Parfait. Come on, you can't go wrong with this one.

  • *****

    An Asian Fusion Restaurant that replaced Sushi on 7. I went to dinner with my boyfriend and his parents and wanted something close by.
    We ordered mentaiko soft shell crab spaghetti, uni rice burger, uni cream spaghetti, okonomiyaki seafood on rice.
    Soft shell crab spaghetti was really good. Al dente noodles with cream sauce and the soft shell crab had a great crunch.
    The Uni Rice Burger was yummy as well but not amazing.
    The okonomiyaki seafood rice dish was good but it seemed like there wasn't enough sauce as they advertised it on Instagram so that was a little disappointing.
    And the uni cream spaghetti not to be confused with the black ink spaghetti was also good but not amazing.

    What wasn't great was how we had to call our server over. On top of that our food came at different times so it was a situation none of us where eating at the same time and everyone waiting for the last person to finish of their plate.

    Looking carefully since our food was delayed it seems at the kitchen was actually bringing my dishes out of the same kind and bringing it to different tables. Then another set of dishes came out of a different kind all to various tables. Very obvious to the eyes of patrons about what is happening. If the food is going to take long they can wait, it better that everyone is eating at the same time.

    The saving grace, the server was really nice and friendly.

    The decor is cute, hip, and playful. Coming in on a cold day made it feel cozy.

    Overall giving it a 4/5, please work on food timing. I believe this place to have potential.

  • *****

    During lunch time, some of the dinner menu MAY be available, you just have to ask. The owner is very attentive and works really hard to make sure all costumers are happy. You just have to politely ask and they will try to accommodate if possible.
    We love the food we've had, and will go back to try the many other dishes that we didn't get around to.

  • *****

    Similar to HK cafe culture of east meeting west, Black Bear is an attempt of east meeting west. My advice is not to compare Black Bear with traditional Japanese restaurants. Enjoy it the way it presents itself to you, without presumptions.

    We came to celebrate a birthday with a large group. We ordered numerous things from the menu. Most dishes were visually pleasing; they were Instagram ready. Portion was good as shareable plates. The food all tasted interesting and delicious. Most memorable was the Kimchi Fries; it was quite spicy. The least memorable was the rice burger. It was a mess to eat and, as a burger, not shareable. As Black Bear went the tapa route, pricing was a bit high, but I guess this was to be expected from tapa style venues. Remember to order a pasta to fill the tummy, or the bill could get pretty high.

    I enjoyed our dinner party gathering here very much. I noticed the dinner menu was more robust than the lunch menu. I think Black Bear is more suitable for groups and big family dinner. It is a good alternative if you are tired of partying at AYCE places.

  • *****

    I had dinner here with few of girlfriends last night. I was surprise that the restaurant was rather quiet (it was 7pm), where there are still empty seats around. The restaurant is located in a strip plaza Service Canada is.

    I was excited to see many interesting dishes on the menu. The first dish that caught my eyes goes to their soft shell crab avocado burger. I've tried the one at Fresh Off The Boat and it was really juicy! I didn't really want burger at the time so I opt for their Creamy Mentaiko Seafood Omurice. My friends ordered the Mentaiko Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti and Sea Urchin & Ikura Cuttlefish Squid Ink Spaghetti. Luckily, those are all the picks I would've chosen.

    I was quite disappointed at my dish. It was not exactly omelette rice.. the kind of omelette rice I've had was rice wrapped around with the egg omelette but this one was different. The egg omelette was on top of the rice and the sauce, shrimp and mushrooms at the side. I must say the presentation was great but without the authentic way of an omelette rice..the dish doesn't seem so special anymore. The portion was good and the egg omelette was very creamy and soft.

    I tried a bit of the Squid Ink Spaghetti and was surprised that it doesn't taste fishy at all. Not sure how to explain the taste but I've tried many Squid Ink Spaghetti before and they all has this "seafood fishy" taste in them. This one was really good! It was VERY garlicky which I love but too bad I don't eat Sea Urchin otherwise I would definitely order it.

    The Fried Soft Shell Pasta was really good! Again, pasta was very garlicky plus cheesy. I tried a bite of the soft shell crab and it was really juicy. My friend find the dish was too heavy for her taste. I couldn't agree more, it was a fairly heavy meal especially when fried food paired with a cream based cheesy sauce.

    With the portion and food quality you get, the price was fairly reasonable. I will definitely come back again to try of their other food on the menu.

  • *****

    I'm quite shocked at how reasonably priced these menu items are! The portions are quite huge and just a couple bucks more than j-town foodcourt curries.

    Make a reservations or you'll be lining up for at least an hour. The place isn't very big, just enough for 50ppl or so.

    The menu selection is good. Ordered the pork katsu omurice, chicken katsu omurice, softshell crab burger and the seafood pasta. I think the portions are generous for a Japanese fusion (exact opposite of Japanese izakayas) you're getting bang for your buck here! No one at my table complained about the food.

    Side note: if you're lactose or don't like butter, let them know cuz I'm pretty sure that their omelets are made with butter (I'm sensitive to the taste of dairy)

    I know its not a big deal but im shocked that their beertails are under $10!! I normally spend $15+ for those dt, so count your blessings there! and the combinations of the juice complements the beer very well! *maybe ask them to make it half sweet (if you're not a sweet tooth kind of person)

  • *****

    Came here last night with a group of friends. The place wasn't too busy even on a Saturday night, maybe it's new? The interior is pretty cute with cute wall artworks. For the food, we ordered the omelette rice and rice burgers, melty cheese corn and one of my friend ordered a purple potato milkshake. The omelette rice was not bad, rice burgers were so so, I enjoyed the melty cheese corn. For the milkshake, my friend said it's nothing overwhelming, so I guess it's so so. Service was ok. Not super great but not too bad either. Overall I enjoyed my dinner there. Might go back to try their other items.

  • *****

    3.5. I was skeptical to try this place due to the reviews but it was actually really good. The place is small, but I guess I came at a good time and didn't have to wait long. The service was okay.. was expecting more out of the waitresses as the boss was doing most of the waitressing tasks. The burger I got tasted really good .. don't remember the name but it was an avocado crab meat burger? The salad dressing that came with it was the best I've ever had !! My boyfriend got the sukiyaki rice burger, the beef tasted okay, but his rice burger kept falling apart making it difficult to eat. We won't be trying those ones again. Would totally go again and hope for better waitresses so the boss wouldn't have to pick up their slack.

  • *****

    Creative fusion platters. Had the Chinese steamed rice buns with chicken katsu. Interesting mayo sauce mixed siracha with a slice of grilled pineapple. Side dish: mixed greens with a Japanese dressing. Great for a quick dinner! Service is prompt and courteous. Would recommend it to others. Most likely be coming back!

  • *****

    Appetizer: Melty Cheese Corn ($9)
    Shared this which came with tortilla chips with the melty cheese corn served over a candle fire to keep it nice and hot. Really liked this dish!

    We ordered:
    Main 1: Chicken Katsu Chicken Rice Burger ($14)
    Waitress said this was most popular rice burger. It's a nice idea but it's not very practical and difficult to eat as a burger. I would be happier eating chicken katsu with rice separately but it was not bad.

    Main 2: Soft Shell Crab Burger ($14)
    Messy to eat but yummy with a mildly spicy sauce, this is worth trying.

    Both mains came with fries or salad, we both had fries which were good - dipped in the cheesy corn was great too!

  • *****

    The Far East has invaded the flavours of the west and people are rejoicing with a chorus of burps and groans. The growing trend in #Markham appears to be infusing traditional Asian ingredients into western cuisine classics and Black Bear is the next iteration of this trend.

    My most recent visit was a solo venture where I went for the fat-kid trifecta; main, dessert and a frozen beverage. To start I went with the soft shell crab sandwich with a side of greens, the shell could have been cooked a little better as there were some softer undercooked (personal preference) parts in the middle, BUT the flavours were exceptional and I really enjoyed the crunch of the Panko batter on the crab.

    For my drink, I went with one of their signature speciality drinks known as a beertail. No, your drink doesn't have a fish tail hanging out of it (you silly minx you) think beer and cocktail combined = beer-tail! They have several stakes but I went with the Gold Kron which was a Kronenberg Blanc help upside down in a pineapple crushed ice mixture - think of a carnival ICEE beverage except with pineapple... and beer. Yep, it's actually the perfect summer drink!

    My last splurge was to have their panne cotta dessert. The difference maker here was in the slight infusion of Asian ingredients, this was a traditional panne cotta in style but infused with both red bean and matcha flavours. You all know how I feel about matcha but this was far milder than some of the chalk dust texture some places are using when they OD on the matcha powder. I enjoyed this and ate the whole thing without guilt nor reservation.

    For the 905, it is a smaller space, however, the food comes fast to expect turnover to be the same. Overall, a good experience with a few very minor hiccups not worth lingering over.

    Eatcrest Out

  • *****

    Everything, literally everything is so good. The staff were very polite and very caring, they provided me with everything I needed, helped me when I couldn't cut my burger(lol), and always refilled my water. A lot of the Asian places that I go to the services isn't really good, here you can find really good service. The food, urg, don't even mention about it, it tingles your taste buds. I recommend this place a lot to people who like Asian fusion. I'm looking forward to coming here again.

  • *****

    Good service and staff are very friendly. Decided to try this place, I havebeen very intrigue on the kind of food they serve. Got here around 8pm on a Friday evening and the place is full. I have to wait almost an hour to be seated.

    There a lot of choices on the menu , burger, pasta or rice. We started off with Uni baguette and Kpop chicken with 3 different kind of sauce. Not impressed on the uni baguette, taste more like garlic bread. Kpop chicken have crispy batter and sauce aerved on top. Wasabi mayo and Cheesy(a bit spicy) sauce are good.

    We ordered the soft shell crab burger, soft shell crab spaghetti, uni black squid ink spaghetti and curry chicken katsu omnirice. Everything taste ok. Not amazing but good. I want to come back and try the beef don !

  • *****

    We came here for a Sunday lunch get together with friends. Yes, the lunch menu is relatively limited, but have good choice. Selected menu items from the dinner menu CAN be ordered during lunch, but you will have to ask.
    The servers are very nice and attentive. They even apologize for not catching our water glasses are empty.
    The food are nicely cooked and really good balanced in taste. The presentation is visually appealing.
    I ordered the "fish sandwich" and it was juicy and taste amazing. My wife had the soft-shell crab burger, and it was good! The crab was not dry, the sauce was tasty but spicy (the manager told me that they could make it not spicy).
    The green tea panna cotta was perfectly done, and the matcha ice cream was very authentic.
    It is definitely a place to come back to four their dinner selection.

  • *****

    Black Bear Japanese Fusion was under the radar for me until I saw it on social media. I saw the soft shelled crab burger on social media a couple of times and I knew I had to try it. The fiance and I came here on a wednesday evening around 6pm. They asked if we made any reservations....we did not D: Luckily it was not busy yet so we were lucky we were able to get a table. It started getting busy at around 6:30.

    My friends had recommended the purple sweet potato milkshake and the strawberry hill drink to try.

    I loovvvvedddd the purple sweet potato milkshake!!! It had the right amount of creaminess and sweet potato flavour, and was also not too sweet, just the way I like it! The strawberry hill is a yakult/soda drink, lightly fizzed and with a delicious strawberry tart flavour. I really recommend those two drinks. Only problem is I wish the strawberry hill drink was in a bigger glass LOL other than that, it was SOOOOO good.

    Our meal started with the K-pop chicken with the gochujang spicy sauce. I loved the batter on the chicken!! Hot and crispy, the chicken was perfectly fried on the outside but still very juicy on the inside.

    For the main course we each ordered one item. The soft shell crab (obviouslyyyy) and the udon carbonara.

    The udon carbonara was creamy with earthy and smoky flavours from the mushroom and bits of bacon which were very nice. However, it was a bit too saucy. The fiance wasn't too fond of that but to be honest I don't mind at all cause I love a lot of sauce on my noodles.

    But seriously though......the soft shell crab burger was hands down my favourite!! I loved that they put avocado in there. AVOCADO ON ANYTHING IS AMAZING THOUGH. The soft shell crab was fried to perfection, a crunchy edible shell on the outside and steaming hot crab meat on the inside. It was delicious with the spicy mayo and cheese and all pressed together by two pieces of fluffy bun. This is a dish that I would definitely come back for very soon!

  • *****

    After seeing all the Instagram posts about Black Bear Japanese Fusion, I just had to check it out for myself. It wasn't hard to convince my dining companions to join me once they saw the pictures.

    The small space was packed when we arrived but we were lucky to get the last available table. The lighting was intimately dim and the decor was nice, sophisticated looking but a little odd at the same time. The murals on the walls were drawings of dogs wearing plaid shirts, hats, bowties, and eyeglasses. Like I said, nice but odd.

    There were lots of interesting items on the menu but we settled on the Chicken Katsu Curry Omelet Rice, Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Burger, and the Soft Shell Crab Burger (with a $2.00 upcharge for the rice burger instead of a regular bun). Who wants regular anyway, when there's such an interesting option?

    The burgers (sandwiches) looked really good, especially since none of us have had a rice burger before. They would have probably looked good even with a regular burger bun. The omelet dish had a huge piece of crunchy breaded chicken on top of a large omelet on top of a good serving of rice on top of a generous serving of delicious curry sauce. Nice! Make sure you're hungry before ordering this dish, or share it with somebody.

    All the food tasted good, very good! The presentation was nice and the portions were generous. The service was also very good. Our servers checked on us several times and refilled our water glasses constantly. The manager(?) chatted with us when were were leaving and showed us their lunch menu, with many different choices from their dinner menu. We'll be back.

  • *****

    Overall Impression: 3.5 stars for lunch and I would come back to try their dinner menu.

    I kinda have a thing for burgers... I got the cheesy burger with a garden side salad. Salad had a Japanese-style dressing. Very simple and that is not a bad thing. I typically like salad with nuts/cranberries etc, but I was satisfied with this salad anyways. The burger was thick and juicy. Based on the texture and flavours, I would guess the patty is probably fresh hand made with freshly ground black pepper. It runs clear juices as soon as you lift the burger up. There's a good amount of melted cheese and bacon bits it's just the right amount and texture. The bun was soft and flakey. No issues with this burger at all.

    Not related to food, but they serve it on this wooden plate. It has a tendency to slide around when you're eating off it. Lol. It's got a hipster vibe to it though.

    Friendly. Smiling. No problems w that. The restaurant is hip and clean.

    If it's full in the front, they have extra space in the back too. Didn't have an issue parking during lunch. Plenty of spots available.

  • *****

    New restaurant with a very innovative menu! They have items such as rice burgers, omu-rice, that you don't normally see in GTA. Definitely worth a try!

    The first time I came was for lunch. I had the curry yaki udon with chicken katsu. The chicken katsu came in a generous portion and is breaded perfectly and tender inside. I do feel that the chicken was very well prepared. The kimchi fries were also very flavourful.

    The second time I returned for dinner with my family with kids. Everything was prepared well and everyone was satisfied with their food. The ingredients in the burgers were all really fresh. We even got complimentary matcha panna cotta, which was a great finish to our dinner.

    Will definitely return to try other items!

  • *****

    This is my second time here with my husband and the very first time with my mom. Mom is over 70 and so has limited food choice. She normally prefers Chinese food like congee and noodle soup but this time she made a special request to try this new Japanese fusion restaurant. Initially she just wanted to ask for a cup of soup and so was a little disappointed when we told her there's no soup in the menu.

    Yet she ended up having chicken Caesar salad and was amazed how crunchy, tender and juicy the piece of chicken was. My husband ordered the Black Bear melted cheese burger and he really enjoyed the high quality thick piece of beef in the burger. I ordered miso sauce spaghetti with pork and the taste was excellent!

    We really enjoyed the eating environment and the whole dining experience. Staff are helpful and friendly. The only recommendation would be to consider adding soup in the menu.

    Next time I would like to try Japanese fusion fries and pineapple crme brulee for sure.

  • *****

    Definitely serving a different Japanese-inspired fusion menu for the uptown / markham area.
    Food was great both in terms of taste and presentation.

    Still a new restaurant so I will give it some time to build up more character and make some fine-tune adjustments (eg. the decor is not appealing, the service staff is still new)

    Went there for both lunch and dinner and was not disappointed.

    It is not priced to be cheap, but offers great value for the price you pay.

  • *****

    My husband and 17 month old daughter visited Black Bear for the second time tonight. Our first time here was on its opening day for lunch which was a pleasant experience. We couldn't wait to come back to try the dinner menu.

    Tonight we started with the kpop chicken in cheesy gochujan sauce and boy, it was pretty darn spectacular. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.. it was fried chicken the way it's meant to be. The cheesy sauce had a bit of a kick and coated the chicken in a just-right ratio. Lovely way to start a meal. 4.5/5

    My husband chose the soft shell crab burger with a side of fries which I didn't try and can't comment on but I will tell you that I went big and opted for the sukiyaki beef don which promised 400g of beefy goodness. It was literally a plethora of beef slices on a bed of rice garnished with green onions and a dollop of roe. Mind you, this was not your average grade beef that you simply tolerate. The quality of the meat was noteworthy and the flavour of the beef really came through with the sauce. It was definitely a sharable portion perfect for a family. 4/5

    The chef was working on a green tea red bean panna cotta and offered us a taste. It was creamy and had a rich green tea taste. It was a satisfying dessert without being too sweet. Indeed it was Japanese fusion! 4/5

    The chef came out to greet us and asked us what we thought of the food. He listened to our feedback intently and I could tell he really is passionate about making food that people enjoy. My husband and I love to support local talent and flavours.

    I say, come for the delicious flavours and stay for the heart and passion behind the food.

  • *****

    I've visited this restaurant twice already since its opened. On my first visit, I was so busy catching up with my friend I totally forgot to take pictures of my order. I had the Curry Yaki Udon with deep fried Pork. The udon was made just right, wasn't too soft but not undercooked either, it was chewy and bouncy when I bit into it. The curry sauce was very flavorful with just the right amount of spice, some Japanese fusion restaurants end up making the curry very sweet, but not this place. It was just right to my liking. Finally, the deep fried pork was one word, juicy! My friend ordered Pork Katsu Curry Rice, similar to mine but with rice. Their portions are quite generous, friend had to pack some leftovers away.

    Just yesterday, I went to the restaurant again and I tried their Kinoko Spaghetti. It had a mix of mushrooms with a creamy sauce. The spaghetti was made al dente, the dish was not too saucy, just the right amount for the pasta on the plate. My fiance had the Black Bear Melted Cheesy Burger. He is particular about his burgers and he's tried many before, he said that it was nice and juicy and that the portion was just right "just hit the soft spot" was how he described his burger experience. When we went this time, our friends brought their children along, the staff were very friendly and attentive to details.

    I am definitely going to come back! I've been recommending this restaurant to my friends and family. It's a cozy dine in place for a family or a great date night spot for two!

  • *****

    I didn't know what Mentaiko sauce was until this meal and wow it was amazing. The shrimp tasted super fresh and the sauce was creamy but not heavy. The rice was warm and matched the taste of the sauce. Definite 5/5!!!! Price tag of $14 was a bit hefty for 4 shrimps and some mushrooms with my omelette rice. But the taste was so good!!

    Service was okay. It's an Asian place so I wasn't expecting much but yeah they didn't keep us waiting.

    Decor was neat and clean. Utensils are put in a little box like the Korean restaurants. They were clean. Would recommend.

  • *****

    3.5 stars
    A new food place in the Markham area. Just like any business, they are working to smooth out many glitches but you can tell that there is potential.

    I have so far been there twice and have tried their Chicken Katsu burger and their soft-shell crab burger.
    I really enjoyed the Katsu burger-the flavour is there and the fries that I had that day was crispy and golden. The other time when I tried the softshell crab rice burger--the flavour is there, the presentation is very cute but it was hard to hold as a burger. I spoke with the owner and gave them feedback and they listened and said that they will work on it. For a new business, I think that the potential is there. Yes, I agree with other Yelpers, that the prices are on the steep side, but that is their target market. I'd be back to try their rice dishes and pastas for sure.