Japanese Fusion


At Black Bear Japanese Fusion, we pride ourselves on being the best Japanese fusion restaurant in town. We know it can be difficult to choose where to go for a night out with friends or family. Some of your guests want burgers, but you want Japanese food. That’s where our fusion food comes in. We offer a blend of Japanese and American tastes to satisfy all your cravings.

From hamburgers to omelette rice, we promise to deliver to you a combination of western and eastern tastes to truly spice up your dining experience. Don’t forget to wash your food down with one of our beer cocktails.

At Black Bear Japanese Fusion, we promise our food will be genuinely unlike anything you’ve tried. Why choose between the cuisines of two whole countries when you can get the best of both in one place? Come on down and try a rice burger today, at Black Bear Japanese Fusion in Unionville, ON.

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